1981, Red Snerts: The Sound of Gulcher LP
(Gulcher 004)

Compilation also featuring The Gizmos, Dow Jones and the Industrials, Panics, Jetsons and other Indiana new wave/punk bands from the turn of the 80’s.

Dancing Cigarettes are represented by “Broken Windows”, which was recorded at Zounds at the same time as the Gulcher EP tracks.

Red Snerts was reissued on CD as Gulcher 404 and was also available for a limited time on vinyl, reissued by the Vulcher label in Europe.

1981, The Gulcher 7″ EP
(Gulcher 007)

All tracks recorded at Zounds Studio in Lafayette, produced and engineered by Brad Garton (of Dow Jones and the Industrials).

Puppies In A Sack, Mr. Morse, Pop Doormat, Best Friend

Siriuus Music Segments Cassette

1981, Segments compilation (Sirius Music 101)

A Bloomington-oriented new wave compilation, featuring one track from the Dancing Cigarettes,
“Burn in Heaven”.

1982, Son of Segments compilation (Sirius Music 103)

A second volume of the Segments cassette series includes the Dancing Cigarettes track “Dance Dogs Dance”

Dancing Cigarettes - School of Secret Music CD front cover

1996, The School of Secret Music CD
(Turnstile Media TM-2)

First CD appearance of the Dancing Cigarettes.  Includes a number of mid to late period studio recordings by the band, plus a live radio studio performance from Lawrence, KS.

Live Studio Radio Recordings from Lawrence, Kansas: Poignant,
Piano Lesson/Smith Street, Burnt Toast,N ervous and Wrong, Bad Bad Boy,
Up Thru the Spiral, Spanish Modern/Insect Boxing, Feel this Pain,
Pop Doormat,”D” in Anger

Dancing Cigarettes - Gulcher Recordings

2002, The Gulcher Recordings: 1980-1981 CD

Another large piece of the Dancing Cigarettes puzzle, including all seven of the tracks recorded at Zounds in Lafayette, Indiana, plus a live show from the Bluebird in 1981.

Studio: Puppies in a Sack, Mr. Morse, Pop Doormat, Best Friend,
Broken Windows, Simple Machines, Poignant
(the final two being outtakes from the EP sessions)

Live at the Bluebird, June 1981: Whattayawannadonext?, Mr. Morse,
Puppies in a Sack, Talking and Talking, Feel This Pain,
Finger Pictures/Razor Hand, Eggs Any Style/Diet of Worms, Banana Industrial Complex,
Monsters Eat My Hell, Jackie O/Too Mental For Me, Drawn By You, Burn in Heaven

(Note:  the band released several cassettes which were privately distributed during their active years, including “Barrelhead’s Dancing Cigarettes” and a cassingle featuring “Razor Hand”.  If you have copies, images, or info on any of these, or others, we’d like to add them to this page.) Email us!

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