May 10, 1980

[C.A.K. is an original uber-fan of the Dancing Cigarettes, and also a journalist.  Graciously she has agreed to share a transcription of her original journal about the band, which begins in May, 1980 when she was 21 years old.]

I Am Finally Won Over By The Music.

Roxanne and I walked to the house Curtis lives in, to visit Emily Bonus and her boyfriend Michael, both Dancing Cigarettes. They live in an incredibly tiny and squalid, but “groovy” basement room in the house, with posters and scribbled pictures and obscure items tacked to the walls, torn rugs and India prints covering the floor, and musical instruments and the cases thereof and dope-smoking equipment strewn about amidst piles of clothes and New Wave costumes and books and other miscellany.

They performed their newest song for Roxy and me, which went in part “I wanna be like Jackie Onassis, go around in dark sunglasses.” They also played their CBGB tape for us, and I had to admit that although they are truly shitty musicians and need about three months of solid practice to make it, their music and sound and lyrics are indeed excellent. They had one really good song called “Whatyawannadonext” which had really entertaining lyrics and a great beat. I am sorry I have badmouthed them all this time, for I did not really understand what they were trying to do with the music.

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