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Wikipedia now features an extensive article on The Dancing Cigarettes, lovingly compiled by Hugh Heinsohn and some other folks from back in the day.

If you are looking for mp3’s, Musical Family Tree has a bunch.

Also, there is a new Facebook Fan page which you are sure to “like”.

Live Dancing Cigarettes Video Surfaces

Until now, the Dancing Cigarettes were on YouTube only in the form of audio with no accompanying video, just a shot of their EP.

Fortunately,a decent quality vintage  live video has been located.

This footage was recorded by some students from Indiana University for a telecom project in 1981 at Oscars  in Bloomington, IN circa 1981/82.  The band is in fine form.  The band has released a few songs from the show. Check ’em out. Almost like you were there!


This is a fan site dedicated to the Dancing Cigarettes, Bloomington, Indiana‘s much loved new wave band from 1979 to 1983.

Do you have any old photos, concert flyers and posters, live tapes, videos?  Would you like to share your memories or your journal from back in those days? This site is designed  for open participation.  We’d love to have your involvement.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute in any way.

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